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Welcome & FAQ's

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Welcome to our wee forum. These forums are pretty old school now, but they have value in that they are very specific and community based. Not all members engage with Facebook and the like, so hopefully this is a good way for all club members to interact and organise some trips and events easily.

There are a couple of rules though, but common sense is hopefully what will guide you all mostly.

1. No personal attacks. Arguments or disagreements are fine, but please refrain from escalating to abuse. This also includes people who are not members. This will not be tolerated. Although Donald Trump and Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson are fair game.

2. No "Adult" materials to be posted, the club has members of all ages. This includes images, videos, audio clips and any foul language.

We reserve the right to remove access temporarily or permanently to any member who does not comply.

Please flag any inappropriate materials or posts to the moderators, this is anonymous and will help keep the site a nice place to visit.

As the forum has just been set up there may be issues, please get in touch with a moderator and they will endeavour to resolve these as soon as practicable.
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